Full restock coming Q3, 2019!

Every size and style of Paladin sleeves will be available for purchase through in Q3, 2019. Our best sellers will be back (including Palamedes, Morholt, Ragnar), as well as every brand-new sleeve size (including Double-Matte Tristan, colored Percival, and Baldur).

We are currently in the process or manufacturing these sleeves in order to meet the high demand. Not only will the restock add every “missing” SKU to our inventory, but we will also refresh our stock of all existing sleeves.

EU Store Now OPEN!

We are excited to announce that Paladin sleeves are now available for purchase in Europe! In cooperation with our friends at Board & Dice, we are able to offer easy access to our sleeves for our European friends.

To order Paladin sleeves in Europe, please visit the Board & Dice Web Store.